The Best Bib Pants Brands 2020/21

The 2020 winter season is almost upon us and we are getting stoked with all the fresh new snow apparel from all the snowboard brands. Everyone is rocking bib snow pants these days, whether it’s a trend or not, we know they definitely serve a purpose too! Their main purpose is for keeping you dry and toasty in the snowy conditions, especially pow days. It’s the worst when you go arse-over-tit in the powder and you get snow down your pant and up your back. Bib pants keep you all tucked in and help prevent any bare skin getting in contact with the snow. Crack on a matching jacket to the pants and your set for scoping fresh lines. Another bonus is the additional front pouch pockets for you to keep your snacks in a safe place. If it’s style you’re after and fancy the park-rat look, they also fair well for park laps with a hoody or long sleeve tee under the braces. Anyway, waffle over. Here’s our top picks of brands producing the best bib pants for this upcoming winter 2019/2020 season.


Volcom Bib Pants 2020/21


Volcom Roan Bib Pants gray MenVolcom Roan Bib Pants gray Men


Burton Snowboards Bib Pants 2020/21


Burton Gore-Tex Reserve Bib Pants kelpBurton Gore-Tex Reserve Bib Pants – Kelp


L1 Premium Goods Bib Pants 2020/21


L1 Loretta Overall cheetah

L1 Loretta Overall – Cheetah




DC Snowboarding Bib Pants 2020/21


Platoon - Shell Snow Bib Pants for Men - Brown - DC Shoes
Platoon – Shell Snow Bib Pants – Brown – DC Shoes


Horsefeathers Snowboard Bib Pants 2020/21


Horsefeathers Huey Bib Pants jetfighter camo

Horsefeathers Huey Bib Pants – Jetfighter Camo


Quiksilver Snowboard Bib Pants 2020/21


Utility - Snow Bib Pants for Men - Brown - Quiksilver
Utility – Snow Bib Pants for Men – Brown – Quiksilver

There’s a great choice this year at a range of prices. Most brands have similar pricing, so really you are paying for quality with the best specs on the most expensive snow pants. A pair of snow pants should last you a good few seasons so we recommend stepping up with some top quality outerwear so you don’t get cold and wet while riding. No one likes feeling damp on the mountain, don’t let it kill your vibe! Our boy Jonny rides the Gore-Tex Burton bib pants and always raves on how toasty he was in the coldest conditions in Japan.



If you have any questions reach out to us via our contact page here . Needing help choosing your snowboard set up? Check out our Snowboard Buying Guide.



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