A UK Surfer’s Christmas Gift Guide 2020

How many times have you Googled “the best Christmas presents for surfers UK”? You can’t afford to drop 800 quid on the that fancy board they have been stalking on Instagram all year, but another block of surf wax isn’t going to get their heart racing. It’s a minefield out there, everything is either too expensive or makes Santa look like a cheapskate.

We at Sameway are here to help. Welcome to the 2020 Sameway UK Christmas Gift Guide for surfers:

These days it can be pretty hard finding a Christmas present for under £20. If you look closely though you can find some gems for us surfers. Starting with clothes, the best options to go for are a solid pair of Stance socks – there’s a huge range of designs and colours to choose from. For surf accessories, there are a great choice of double-walled water bottles that are great for sticking in the car. They keep water cold for over 24 hours and hot liquid warm for 12 hours. Changing mats are genius for getting changing in the coastal car parks without getting your wetsuit filthy. Even surf wax is a great choice for an easy Christmas stocking filler.

Bumping up the budget to £50 for a Christmas present? You’ll get a bit more flexibility in choice, including a basic surf watch, Changing robe (poncho) and winter wetsuit accessories (gloves, hoods, boots).

Well someone’s getting treated aren’t they?! If you’re buying a Christmas gift for a surfer with a budget of £100, here’s some ideas to help you. Around this price some awesome choices would be a surfboard bag (you’ll need to know their surfboard height!), a surfboard rack for home or a tidal surf watch. If you’re buying for a more experienced surfer who is raring for the coldest months and biggest swells, some top range wetsuit boots could be the one.

Heading towards the £150 plus mark for a Christmas present is a great price range for a new wetsuit, set of fins or even a good summer softboard. We would recommend digging deeper for information ahead of buying. We are always at hand so get in touch via our Contact page here and we’ll get back to you in 24 hours. Otherwise, we have some useful buying guides, including our Wetsuit Buying Guide and our Surfboard Buying Guide, which gives all tips and charts in to the correct equipment to be buying. Here’s some of our hand picked choices for you too!

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