Bataleon Global Warmer 151 2019 uni


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This hot rod will be responsible for your park climate changeThis thing is heating up your park riding! And it does not harm the environment. But it sure destroys every rail and kicker that comes in your way. From easy presses and playful slides to powerful take-offs and controlled landings – the Global Warmer cooks it all! Riding Style One board for everything real park rats love! The Global Warmer is flexible enough for smooth jibs but still strong enough for stomping the big ones. Shape In the park there’s only one true shape and that’s the true twin. The Global Warmer of course comes with a Twin 3BT shape with a symmetrical tip and tail. Balance and stability no matter which direction you take off or land. The new SideKick Tips increase the edge uplift on the widest points of nose and tail for easier turn initiation. Profile The Twin 3BT consists of a relatively wide centerbase and just a mellow sidebase uplift. This helps you keep control on presses and at high speed. The mellow camber is perfectly dosed for flexible rail riding and poppy enough for hitting kickers. Flex The smooth flex is also straight park riding. Easy jibbing and jumping with a soft but steady board. Construction A poplar and paulownia wood core is sandwiched with bi-axial fiberglass. This means great press and pop properties plus a quick manoeuverability. The horizontal carbon slabs beneath the bindings reinforce your pop and allow smooth presses. The extruded Super Slick X base is very durable, fast and requires almost just minimal care. FeaturesTwin 3BT + SideKick TipsTrue TwinMellow CamberLight CoreExtruded Super Slick X BaseBi Ax LaminateCarbon StringersCentral Super Tube




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