Bataleon Men’s FunKInk 2018 / 2019 Snowboard

£ 322.15

ALL TERRAIN DESTROYER THAT NEVER FORGETS SNOWBOARDING IS ALL ABOUT HAVING FUN From the very beginning, the Fun Kink has always been about one thing, and that has been having fun. Whether you’re playing about on piste, dropping back country tree runs, throwing yourself of side hits or even hitting up the park; it’s unique ability to ride absolutely everything and still be one of the most playful boards there is, is a testament to just how good this board is. For this season Bataleon has re-engineered the Fun Kink, with an all-new shape, all new construction and all new 3rd Generation TBT, resulting in a quantum leap regarding performance. Thankfully it’s not sacrificed any of that classic Fun Kink fun factor. Rider Style Riders of all ability levels who are looking for a great fun board that will let them ride absolutely everything on the mountain. Shape OverviewThe Fun Kink utilises a state of the art blunt tip and tail directional twin chassis. This versatile shape combines all the feel and control of a true twin, so when you’re hitting the park, it gives you all the feel and control that you could ever need. However, by slightly increasing the volume in the nose, Bataleon create a shape that gives great float in the pow and a stable and solid ride on the piste. ProfileKey to the Fun Kinks playful ride is the unique Twin 3BT with SideKicks base profile. This advanced 3D base combined with an overall traditional camber delivers truly stunning performance in all types of terrain. The Twin 3BT profile divides the base at the front and back of the board into three sections. The wide flat centre base aids stability in take offs and landings while the two slightly narrower side-base sections with their mellow angled uplift to deliver that unique combination of the hook-free ride with increased edge hold and control. Side KicksSideKick dramatically increases the side base uplift just outside the widest part of the nose and tail. This makes turn initiation smoother, increases float in powder and improves handling of the board in rough terrain. InternalsFor this season Bataleon has not only updated the Fun Kinks shape, but they’ve also completely re-engineered its construction. This has transformed how the board rides, stepping up its performance across the whole mountain. Heading up this updated construction is the new Light Core. Combining an even mix of poplar and paulownia, it delivers the perfect balance of light weight, durability and playful performance. To this, Bataleon then adds their state of the art D.S.T (Dual Super Tube) Technology. This places two hollow carbon rods into milled out channels on the base of the core, stepping up pop as well as powering up the camber for more snap and drive. Now to give the Fun Kink its trademark playful feel the structural layers are formed from bi-ax glass. These create a torsionally softer flex which delivers that more buttery and compliant ride. BaseThis high quality extruded base has the highest molecular weight of any extruded base on the market. That means it’s tougher and faster while remaining virtually maintenance free.Additional information Length Waist Width Sidecut Taper Effective Edge Tip Width Tail Width Min Stance Max Stance Setback Weight Range 151 24.8cm 7.6m 0cm 116.3cm 28.9cm 28.9cm 50cm 58cm 0cm 120-160lbs / 54-72kg 154 25.1cm 7.8m 0cm 118.7cm 29.3cm 29.3cm 51.5cm 59.5cm 0cm 130-170lbs / 59-77kg 157 25.3cm 7.9m 0cm 120.3cm 29.6cm 29.6cm 52.5cm 60.5cm 0cm 145-185lbs / 65-84kg 159w 26.6cm 8.0m 0cm 122.4cm 30.9cm 30.9cm 53.5cm 61.5cm 0cm 155-195+lbs / 70-88+kg






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