Bent Metal Upshot Womens Snowboard Bindings 2018 Teal Medium

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BENT METAL UPSHOT WOMENS SNOWBOARD BINDINGS 2018 Bent Metal have been around for years now and they relaunched with this awesome new product last year. The Upshot is a very nice lightweight womens binding aimed at the freestyle riders out there but this will equally ride all of the mountain very well. This is Bent Metal’s softest flex control combination of a Urethane Highback and Bi-Axial Fiber Drive Plate which is forgiving but with good response. Bent Metal acheive this with their very unique drive plate which is made up of 7 layers of material including biaxial fibreglass in 2 separate layers just like your snowboard. This gives great response edge to edge and keeps everything under control. The highback is softer being made from Urethane (same stuff as skate wheels) but the top of the binding is slightly cupped so it holds the boot incredibly well so you get the best of both worlds. Bent Metal then use their original very clever forward lean system which doubles as a dampening tool. The square on the back of the higback turns with each side offering a different degree of forward lean, this must be the easiest system to adjust with the simple turn of the square. This is made from Urethane also meaning it will absorb shocks and vibrations very well, win win! KEY FEATURES: * Urethane Highback * Ergonomic Highback * Composite Drive Plate * EVA footbed * Eco sublimated topsheet * Biaxial Fibreglass * Poly core * Co Extruded bottom sheet * Fibre reinforced nylon carriage * Forged Aluminium buckles * Light form toe strap * Light form ankle strap * Urethane cube dampening forward lean adjuster * Pivot mini disc






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