Bonfire Firma 3 in 1 Stretch Jacket 2019

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BONFIRE FIRMA 3 IN 1 STRETCH JACKET 2019 The Bonfire Firma jacket is an awesome top end 3 in 1 jacket. Packed with a very high 20k waterproof and 15k breathable jacket with stretch canvas shell, PLUS a removable stretch fleece liner / mid-layer, incredible value! The Firma also has fully waterproof taped seams to go on top of the already very high 20k waterproofing too to make sure the Firma will keep you dry no matter the conditions. This is done by applying a waterproof tape to the back of all the seams to stop water ingress where the stitch holes go through the fabric. This way you stay warm and dry when its wet, snowy, windy, the lot! Called a 3 in 1 as you can wear the jacket on its own, with the liner in or just the liner on its own so you can choose how warm you want to be dependant on the conditions. Wear a shell for those warm days or if you generally run hot, if its cold and snowing snap the liner in, if its spring and hot just wear the liner! The stretch fabric on the Firma is very good too, you notice it from when you put the jacket on if you flex through the shoulders and wasit it just keep stretching offering tons of mobility and freedom to move. Another nice feature on the Firma is the tactical lens pocket, most people will not take a spare set of goggles on the hill with them but will take a spare lens. Bonfire addressed this with a specific pocket which matches the curve of your body so the lenses wont dig in. The pocket has a soft cloth divider too so you can carry more than one lens if you do so wish. The Fima also uses Bonfires new Ghost Gaiter system, this is a wrist gaiter which you choose when it is in the jacket or not. No it doesn’t zip out its better than that! When you put the jacket on on the inside of the sleeve is a thumb loop, slip your thumb into it and as you put the jacket on the gaiter tightens around your wrist stopping snow from getting in. Tons of tech, tons of features, tons of value, HIGHLY RECOMMEND


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