Bonfire Static Insulated Jacket 2019 Burgundy Granite Large

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BONFIRE STATIC INSULATED JACKET 2019 The Static jacket is an amazing jacket from Bonfire with longer cut, tons of technical specifications and tons of style! Part of Bonfires Gold range the strata boasts 15,000mm waterproofing and 10,000gm breathability which is remarkably high for the price. With 28 years of doing this Bonfire know what they are doing and how to do it well! The Static isn’t just a highly waterproof and breathable jacket it also looks great too with its longer cut and slick styling. Boasting some super tech insulation for maximum warmth, Bonfire partnered with Thermore on this one with their very clever insulation which contracts as it gets colder. As the fibres contract they hold more air pockets trapping heat and giving you a thermal boost. This isnt too hot either as it expands as it gets warmer having the opposite effect so you can still wear this in spring and late season without boiling up. Bonfires added to this with the new ghost gaiter system which is a this is a wrist gaiter which you choose when it is in the jacket or not. No it doesn’t zip out its better than that! When you put the jacket on on the inside of the sleeve is a thumb loop, slip your thumb into it and as you put the jacket on the gaiter tightens around your wrist stopping snow from getting in. Don’t want to use it today? Ignore the thumb loop and wear as a regular jacket, easy! Another nice feature is the tactical lens access as no one really takes two sets of goggle on the mountain anymore. Bonfire addressed this with a specific pocket which matches the curve of your body so the lenses wont dig in. The pocket has a soft cloth divider too so you can carry more than one lens if you do so wish. With goggle wipe in the front pocket on a clip, mesh backed pit vents, sleeve pass pocket and tons of other nice little features the strata is a sure winner. Also remember Bonfire jackets carry a LIFETIME WARRANTY! This is against manufacturing defects not we


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