Burton Men’s Ruler 2018 / 2019 Snowboard Boots



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For what is probably the 20th year in succession, the Burton Ruler was our best-selling boot. The fact that after all that time, this stunning boot still tops the sales charts is a testament to just how good it is. Aimed squarely at the all-terrain rider, the Ruler’s continuous evolution has always kept it ahead of the curve regarding both design and performance. To put it in simple terms though, the Ruler is quite possibly the perfect snowboard boot for anybody that wants to get out there, and ride everything and anything that the mountain can throw at them.






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Snowboard Boots. If you know, you know. Snowboard boots are probably the most difficult to get just right. It's worth measuring your feet and checking the size chart for each individual brand if you're buying online or better yet try them on in a shop then use sameway.co to secure the best price online! If you have wide feet then go for 32 or Burton snowboard boots. For those with chronic heal lift we recommend Adidas, Ride or Vans snowboard boots. When it comes to lacing you have two main options, the BOA lacing system or standard laces. This is really down to preference but at Sameway Co. we prefer standard laces. It means you can more easily determine the tightness of your boot without giving yourself foot cramp or burning toes caused by no blood flow to your toes and feet.With BOA it's easy to go too tight without meaning to. Standard laces do loosen up throughout the day however so they may need a retighten during your lunch stop. We find that standard laces have a bit more give in them when dropping climbs or hitting large or XL kickers in the snow park. Boots are arguably more important than your snowboard and snowboard bindings. If your feet hurt or your heal is lifting you won't be riding for very long or getting the most out of your lift pass. If you’re after advice on picking the right snowboard then check out our Snowboard Buying Guide. For expert advice, drop us a message. At Sameway, we’re always happy to help!