Burton Wheelie Board Case Board Bag True Black 181

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Super lightweight and built with rugged materials, the Burton Wheelie Board Case is like Fort Knox for your entire snowboarding arsenal. Get fully padded protection for multiple decks, super smooth IXION™ skate wheels, and a removable boot and binding bag (the bag also works great for laundry, lunch, wet stuff, or anything, really). All at a weight that leaves breathing room on the baggage scale.












Your packing list for the mountains is not complete without the vital accessories for snowboarding. Discover store product ranges of the best ski goggles, gloves/mitts, snow helmets, thermals, snowboard bags and more. Shop all the top snow retailers in one place, including Snow and Rock, The Snowboard Asylum, The Board Basement and Blue Tomato. Seeing as you're asking... our favourite picks would be Electric Goggles, Dakine Mitts, Pro-Tec Helmets, The North Face Base Layers, Burton Snowboard Bags, Airhole Facemasks and Stance Snowboard Socks.

Snowboard bags, you're going nowhere without one! Most snowboard bags these days come with wheels. We highly recommend getting one like this. I personally had an over-shoulder bag, it's horrible when in transit through a large airport or when carrying your snowboard up flights of stairs. Look for snowboard bags from the likes of Dakine, Burton or douchebags. Jones have also started creating bags of late. We personally haven't used one yet so if you do grab one then please leave a review. Make sure you check the length of the bag so that you know your board and gear will fit inside. Some bags are fairly basic and only fit your snowboard and snowboard boots but don't have much room for outerwear and other snowboard gear. A lot of the larger bags will have separate compartments for your stinky snowboard boots! Bags will indicate how many litres they pack or you can use the other dimensions to get an idea on how much height and width the bag will have. We personally tend to pack all our gear into one snowboard bag as it's easier navigating through airports or bus terminals. You won't need a bag unless you have a snowboard, snowboard bindings and snowboard boots already. If you’re after advice on picking the perfect snowboard hardwear then check out our Snowboard Buying Guide. For expert advice, drop us a message. At Sameway, we’re always happy to help!


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