DWD Men’s Rat 2017 / 2018 Snowboard

£ 217.75

Quite possibly the most Iconic board in the line, the Rat has become synonymous with the DWD brand and has been the bedrock of the range for many years. Aimed squarely at the more urban jib focussed rider it is recognised as being one of the very best rail boards on the market. The Rat is perfect for anyone that stays locked into the park, or for fridge riders who need that slow speed control and balance that you only really get with a true jib specific board.Built around a lightweight blunt twin tip chassis the Rat has been designed to deliver the ultimate in feel and control, whether just pressing a box or spinning onto or off a rail, you’ll know exactly what’s happening under your feet. Now match this with jib specific reverse camber profile, which gives you unrivalled slow speed control and a safe reassuring hook free ride, and you’ve got everything in place to deliver the perfect riding characteristics for even the most technical park rider.Internally, the Rat utilises DWD’s birch reinforced poplar wood core. This delivers a buttery and playful flex, but it also gives that extra bit of pop through the length, so you’ve still got a bit of power under your feet for popping onto rails and off kickers. Now in keeping with the riding characteristics that you need for a jib specific board, DWD use torsionally softer Bi-Ax glass for the Rat’s structural layers. These create a forgiving and predictable ride allowing the board to flex under the feet giving you all the control and feel that you could ever need. Finally, and obviously DWD fit the Rat with an easy to repair extruded base.Additional information Size Nose Width Waist Width Tail Width Sidecut Radius Rider weight 151cm 29.1cm 24.9cm 29.1cm 7.8m 45-75kg 153cm 29.3cm 25cm 29.3cm 7.9m 55-85kg








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