Flow Women’s Omni 2018 / 2019 Snowboard Bindings

£ 186.75

The Omni is aimed atriders who are looking for a responsive and dynamic all terrain binding that combines excellent performance with easyentry and exit. Utilising the Nylon Fuse baseplate and Active Hybrid StrapTechnology, it’s the women-specificReverse Cut Highback that ensures thatnot only does the Omni deliver a great ride, it also offers unrivalled fit and all day riding comfort. ROCKERED BASEPLATEEngineered to transfer energy directly to the board withoutloss of efficiency. The minimised contactarea with the board channels your power where it needs to go while the rockered corners of the baseplate allow any type of board to maintain optimal flex.Featured on all Flow bindings.H SERIES COMPOSITEBindings in the H-series are manufactured from a very durable and slightly more forgiving POMcomposite plastic, with pop-through EVA pads for a smooth and comfortable ride. ASYM UNI-BACKHIGHBACKLightweight 1-piece Highbacks that fully recline for easy SpeedEntry & Exit and the comfortable EVA pads reduce the pressure on yourlegs. The GF-Nylon Uni-Backs offer more stiffness and response, while the Composite Uni-Backs provide a forgiving,lively and fun feel.Additional information Size MP US Euro UK M [22.5-26.5] [4.5-8.5] [36-41.5] [3.5-7.5] L [25.5-29.5] [7.5-11.5] [40-45] [6.5-10.5]






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