Mens North Fjord 3In1 Jacket

£ 245.00

The Mens North Fjord 3In1 Jacket from Jack Wolfskin was made for hiking along the Fjords of ScandInavia and is warm, waterproof and Windproof.The North Fjord is one of the Lightest Jackets In our 3-In-1 Range yet it is also extremely robust. The waterproof hardShell is made of hard wearIng Texapore fabric and built to cope with the rigours of trekkIng and hiking with a pack.The zip-In Inner Jacket features a warm synthetic fibre fill and a Windproof outer fabric. This combInation is more than a match for Nordic temperatures and freezIng Coastal Winds. It will even cope with Light showers, as the Jacket is water resistant. The synthetic Insulation works well even when damp and dries out agaIn quickly.The two Jackets are docked usIng a system zip, and can also be worn separately. This means you can stash one of them In your pack until it’s needed, or even leave one at home. The Hood can be rolled up and stowed In the collar of the Jacket or detached completely.










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