K2 Lien AT Snowboard Binding 2018 Black Medium

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K2 LIEN AT BINDINGS – 2018 The Lien AT gets another revamp for 2018 and it looks and rides damn good! As K2 say they provides the stiffness and support needed to send the biggest drops and charge the steepest lines. Or quite simply put the power and response into your riding when and where you need it, on piste, of piste in the park wherever you want to go, AT = All Terrain. They have a tunable Tripod technology chassis which allows you to dial in the lateral flex of the binding through 3 different durometer bushings included in the box. The Tripod chassis is 3 contact points one either side at the front of the binding and one right under your heel. This reduces the contact area down to its most minimal form when combined with K2s mini disc used on this model. What does all this mean? It allows the chassis to have a little lateral flex to feel a tad more forgiving and absorb vibrations and shocks, want more vibration dampening? Use the softest bushing, want more response? Go for the hardest bushing, want it really loose and free? Remove the full EVA foam basepad which sits underneath the binding for a much surfier feel. These come highly recommended for anyone wanting a responsive binding without being harsh, top quality well done K2! Side note, Lien AT bindings come with EVA foam under chassis basepad, Lien FS bindings do not. KEY FEATURES: * Tunable Tripod Chassis – Customized support and flex, 3 different durometer bushings included * AT Opti Highback – Optimized for support and minimal weight, very responsive and comfortable * Highback Airlock Gap Eraser – Gap in the highback so the boot will always sit snug and locked back * Tool Less Forward Lean – No forward lean adjuster on the back these adjust where the highback attaches to the chassis to save weight * Lightweight Radchets – Lightweight, strong and resilient * Precision Ankle Strap – Optimized for comfortable connection with new minimal slimmed down




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