Lib Tech Men’s Jamie Lynn Phoenix Dagmar 2018 / 2019 Snowboard

£ 356.99

THE HIGH-PERFORMANCE RESORT DESTROYER THAT PUSHES YOU TO RIDE HARD AND FASTJamie Lynn’s Phoenix Dagmar is aimed at those riders who are looking for an all-terrain resort buster that can take on absolutely every type of terrain and every type of riding. Built around an innovative directional shape featuring Lib-Techs unique Dagmar nose profile, it’ll undoubtedly have people asking questions. However, strap this to your feet, and almost instantly you’ll realise that you’re riding something a little bit special. No matter how hard or how fast you push the Phoenix Dagmar, it never seems to break a sweat. From backcountry powder runs through to hard-charging piste runs through to just cruising around the mountain, this is one board that indeed does deserve the title all terrain. Rider Style Experienced riders who want a high performing all terrain board that is perfect for riding every type of terrain, but which never feels like it’s going to kick your ass. Shape OverviewThe first thing that you’ll notice about the Jamie Lynn Phoenix Dagmar is its unusual shape. Built around a fully directional platform, it’s that Dagmar nose profile that will throw you off. Designed to increase float at the front end and blast through chop, this unique nose not only helps in pow but thanks to its relatively low swing weight it also ensures that carves are stable and controllable. In fact, it’s key as to why this board rides so well across all types of terrain. Now one of the things that you’ll notice when you ride this board is just how solid and stable it is on the edge. This is in part due to the Magne Traction sidecut. This places seven strategically located edge serrations along the length of the sidecut. These add extra traction points ensuring that you get unrivalled edge hold and control. ProfileAs this board is all about versatility, Lib-Tech fit it with their C2 hybrid Rocker/Camber profile. This places mild rocker between your feet with powerful cambers to the tip and tail. This delivers the perfect balance of power, pop and precision while enhancing float in deep pow. Also, those aggressive cambers work in perfect harmony with the Magna Traction sidecut to give a stable and confidence inspiring feeling through the turn. ConstructionHeading up the Phoenix Dagmar’s high-end construction is the advanced wood core. This combines aspen and paulownia with birch reinforcing running parallel to the sidecut. This delivers the perfect balance of light weight, pop and durability. To this, Mervin then creates structural layers formed from a combination of tri-ax and bi-ax glass. These deliver the perfect balance of torsional strength but with a more freestyle flavoured flex through the length. It’s this unique balance of riding characteristics that make the Jamie Lynn Phoenix Dagmar such a versatile and exciting board to ride. BaseThe low maintenance dual layered TNT base delivers a super-fast glide even when you can’t be bothered to wax it.Additional information Length WaistWidth Sidecut Taper EffectiveEdge TipWidth TailWidth MinStance MaxStance Setback WeightRange 154 24.9cm 8.2m 4mm 115cm 28.9cm 28.5cm 51cm 63cm 2.5cm 120-170lbs/ 54-77kg 157 25.1cm 8.3m 2mm 115cm 29.4cm 29.2cm 51cm 63cm 2.5cm 130-200lbs/ 59-82kg








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