Lobster Men’s Sender 2018 / 2019 Snowboard

£ 329.25

LOBSTER’S HARD CHARGING ALL TERRAIN SENDER. I think it’s safe to say that Lobster has got into a habit of naming their boards after what they are designed to do, and the Sender is no exception. This high-performance freestyle inspired all-mountain charger is designed to do what it says on the tin: Send it! Built around a versatile directional twin chassis, the Sender is, without doubt, the most all terrain focussed board in the Lobster line. Happy riding any terrain or conditions, it’s the perfect choice for riders that don’t want to be held back any matter what or where they ride. Rider Style Intermediate to advanced riders who want a board that will take them everywhere and anywhere no matter the conditions. Shape OverviewThe Sender utilises a state of the art blunt tip and tail directional twin chassis. This versatile shape gives you all the feeling and control that you could ever need. However, by slightly increasing the volume in the nose, Lobster create a board that also gives excellent float in the pow and a stable and responsive ride on the piste. ProfileAs with the rest of the Lobster range, it’s the unique Freestyle 3BT shape with sidekicks technology that sets the Sender apart from its competitors. This advanced 3D base profile combined with an overall traditional camber delivers genuinely stunning performance in all types of terrain. The Freestyle 3BT profile divides the base at the front and back of the board into three equally proportionate sections. The two side-base section are then angled upwards with a medium height uplift to create the 3BT trademark profile. This innovative base profiling offsets the board’s torsional twist and helps engage the full length of the edge during the turn. Combine this with the traditional camber, and you have a board that not only turns easier and with more stability, but you also get a board that floats better in pow as well as being more playful and forgiving for those days when you want to hit the park. Side KicksSideKick dramatically increases the side base uplift just outside the widest part of the nose and tail. This makes turn initiation smoother, increases float in powder and improves handling of the board in rough terrain. InternalsInternally the Sender utilises a combination of tried and trusted construction with state of the art design and manufacturing. Heading this up is the all-new Light Core. This super light wood core combines lightweight paulownia and durable poplar to create a responsive yet featherweight foundation for the board’s excellent performance. However, this high-end core has even more up its sleeve with the addition of the DST carbon tubes. These snappy carbon tubes are inserted into pre-milled pockets running along the length of the board just in from the edges. These step-up pop and power through the length, creating a lively yet playful ride. Now to give the Sender its more freestyle inspired ride Lobster create the structural layers from a more playful bi-ax glass. Although this provides a slightly softer flex the addition of carbon stringers running from the inserts out to the nose and tail powers up the ride without affecting the boards more playful freestyle feel. BaseTo ensure that the Sender performs at the highest level, Lobster fit it with their high-performance Ultra Glide S base. This super tough maximum molecular weight base material hauls ass as well as being super tough.Additional information Length Waist Width Sidecut Taper Effective Edge Tip Width Tail Width Min Stance Max Stance Setback Weight Range 157 25.3cm 7.9m 0cm 120.3cm 29.6cm 29.6cm 51cm 63cm 0cm 135-170lbs / 61-77kg 159w 26.45cm 8m 0cm 122.4cm 30.9cm 30.9cm 52cm 64cm 0cm 155-195lbs / 70-88kg 162w 26.65cm 8.1m 0cm 125cm 31.2cm 31.2cm 53cm 65cm 0cm 155-195+lbs / 80-98+kg






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