Rocksteady Slashers ’15 Deck0.5 inches x 8.75 inches

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The new generation in cruising is here thanks to the RockSteady deck from the guys at Restless. If you want to have a quick and agile board to ride around your school or local streets, put your feet on one of the two RockSteady designs. A mellow concave in the 7 plies of Canadian Maple is enhanced by they moulded wheel wells allow this board to be ridden around the streets with a very loose truck setup to allow for more agile turns. The added kicktail to the deck gives a little more fun when jumping curbs and helps out with sharper turns too. Artwork by Greg Turra Specification Material: 7 Ply Canadian Maple Length: 30.5″ Width: 8.75″ Wheelbase: 17.5″ Profile: Mellow Concave



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