Salomon Men’s Huck Knife 2018 / 2019 Snowboard

£ 273.00

THE BOARD THAT TURNS THE WHOLE MOUNTAIN INTO A PARK If you’re one of those riders that’s always on the lookout for things to hit, jump off and slash, then the Huck Knife could just be the board you’re looking for. Designed to turn the whole mountain into a fun park, this truly stunning snowboard feels like it’s been designed with the sole purpose of putting a big grin on your face. Built around a fully balanced blunt profile shape, its mix of precision, response and forgiveness deliver the ultimate in freestyle performance for any rider that wants to play any whereand everywhere on the hill. Rider Style Freestyle riders of all ability levels looking for a fun and playful freestyle board. Shape OverviewAs the Huck Knife is all about delivering that fun, balanced ride, Salomon utilises a low profile, blunt tip and tail twin-tip shape. This has been designed to cut swing weight to an absolute minimum ensuring that the rider has all the control they could ever need while allowing the board to be versatile enough to handle the whole mountain. Helping deliver that all-terrain ride without compromising the Huck Knifes freestyle feel is the state of the art EQ Rad sidecut. This innovative profile combines both equalizer and radial lines to create the perfect balance of control and fun. ProfileTo ensure that the Huck Knife delivers that perfect combination of pop and control, it utilises the innovative Quad Camber profile. This blends the responsive nature of camber with the more playful characteristics of rocker in the tip and tail, delivering a board that is almost unsinkable in the pow, stable at high speed and playful in the park InternalsInternally the Huck Knife’s construction is headed up by the state of the art Popster Aspen Select Core. This hand selected wood core is specially profiled to give the perfect freestyle skate inspired feel, ensuring that you get that buttery playful flex through the length. This is then matched to a more forgiving mid-density bi-ax weave glass to complete the Huck Knife’s balanced and predictable feel. However, to ensure that the Huck Knife can still deliver that great ride outside of the park, Salomon add tri-ax glass laminates to step up torsional response and carbon inlays into the sidewalls to increase both control and feel. BaseTo finish off the Huck Knifes versatile construction, Salomon utilises their tough and fast sintered base.Additional information Length Waist Width Sidecut Taper Effective Edge Tip Width Tail Width Min Stance Max Stance Setback Weight Range 152 25.1cm N/A 0cm 117cm 29.6cm 29.6cm 49cm 61m 0cm 110-155lbs / 50-70kg 155 25.3cm N/A 0cm 119cm 29.8cm 29.8cm 50cm 62cm 0cm 120-165lbs / 55-75kg 158 25.5cm N/A 0cm 121.5cm 30.1cm 30.1cm 51cm 63cm 0cm 145-200lbs / 65-90kg 158w 26.3cm N/A 0cm 122cm 30.9cm 30.9cm 51cm 63cm 0cm 145-200lbs / 65-90kg






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