Spitfire Formula Four 101D Conical II 54mm Wheels green print

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Unbeatable long-lasting performance with the Spitfire Formula Four Skate Wheels.As one of the most famous skateboard wheels manufacturer, Spitfire enjoys a legendary reputation in the skate scene. The unmistakable “Bighead” logo should probably be known to everyone. The great popularity is not a coincidence, however, due to the ‘Formula Four’ urethane mixture, Spitfire produces wheels of the highest quality with unbeatable long-lasting performance. Long-term tests in the laboratory and, of course, the Spitfire Pro Team prove that the wheels retain their shape for longer due to the higher resistance of the Formula Four urethane. The formula has been specially developed to combine all the desired characteristics of a real high-performance wheel, into one. This is not achieved by a single major advantage, but by combining many qualities and features, which together result in a true quality product. It’s best to convince yourself. Burn Four-Ever! The Spitfire ‘Conical’ shape is hand cut and offers a quick response and less weight. FeaturesConical ShapeMark Johnson signature wheelsFormula Four urethaneTrue unbeatable lasting performanceHolds size and shape longerUnmatched abrasion resistanceFewer flatspotsLasting speed everywhereSmooth anti-stick slideMore controllable grip








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