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Merino wool ski socks that stay warm.An innovative mixture of fibers (soft and warm Merino wool, plus the Therm-ic warm reflector, a fiber that conducts and reflects the generated heat) that keeps the foot warm whilst maintaining the best possible air circulation.A unique combination for the best skiing experience (Acrylic 32%, Polyester 25%, Polyamide 21%, Wool Merino 10%, Polypropilene 10%, Elastane 2%).- Therm-ic Warm Reflector (high-performance fiber that reflects and conserves the heat generated by the foot, its structure ensures good air circulation and releases moisture).- Merino Wool (fine, warm, soft wool of a very high quality).- Anti-moisture (releases sweat and dries quickly).- Heel and toe reinforcements.- Protects the tibia, shin and instep.- Elastic band to give the ankle good support.- Micro-aerated foot arch for good moisture release.- Anatomical shape (specific left foot and right foot construction for good hold on the foot).- Knee height.The revolutionary THERM-IC WARM REFLECTOR metallized fibre has a high level of conductivity and reflects heat radiation (it has been specifically developed to keep feet dry and diminish the spread of bacteria).MERINO-IC® A unique blend of Merino wool and carefully selected fibres to provide maximum comfort and warmth.




Black, Pink




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