TTW2 Tec-Wool Hat

£ 80.00

The lightweight Tilley Tec-Wool Hat, styled with a medium size brim, looks like a classic wool felt hat, but it’s a bit cleverer than that…A Tilley aficionados have come to expect, the TTW2 Tec-Wool Hat has a lifetime guarantee, is insured against loss, offers great sun protection and, if you crush it up and pack it away, it’ll come out raring to go! As well as all that though, the Tec-Wool hat is made in a warm, tough blend of wool, polyester and polyurethane and is treated to resist rain and snow. For colder days, it’s fitted with tuckaway ear warmers: Tilley are Canadians, they know about cold! For the ultimate in comfortable headgear though, they have also used a Schoeller C_change membrane, bonded to the fabric. This membrane reacts to changing body temperatures, closing when exposed to cold air to trap heat, and opening in warmth, allowing air to escape!








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