X-socks Ski Silk Merino 4.0 Socks EU 37-38elangePink

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X-SOCKS® Ski Silk Merino 4.0 combines sport and comfort and offers a percep- tibly finer yet robust wearing comfort, providing immediate feedback in the ski boot and more direct ski control.Specifications: Composition:- 48% polyamide 38% merino wool 9% silk 3% polypropylene 2% elastane- 38% apani® merino wool 25% nylon 20% bisentio® 9% apani® silk 6% durawool 2% elastaneTechnology:- HeliXCoil System- Suppronation Ban-dage- Air-Conditionin Channel®- Lambertz-Nichol- son Achillessehnen Protektor- Stretching Rib- 3-ExpandLadies Stripes- Narrow Arrow Cons-truction- Aktiv-Bund:The highly elastic Aktiv-Bund provides a secure fit and support without constricting movement.- Air Guide®:Work like spacers and side stops along the Air-Conditioning Channels®.- Anatomically Shaped Footbed: The sole of the foot is cushioned and supported by the anatomically shaped footbed. The Air-Conditioning Channel® starts at the foot’s arch and leads out of the shoe. Heat and moisture are continually regulated by the pumping effect which ensures that, with every step, fresh air flows around the foot.- Traverse AirFlow Channel System:The three-channel cross-ventilation system helps to conduct warmth and moisture into the Air-Conditioning Channel®.- AirFlow Ankle Pads:A sickle-shaped arrangement of the AirFlow ankle pads gives the ankle the greatest possible protection during sports such as biking, skiing or motorcycling.- Calf Protector:This Calf Protector provides both protection and ventilation: the horizontal and vertical padding contains wide channels to keep the area dry.- Toe Protector:The asymmetric Toe Protector absorbs pressure and perfectly hugs the contour of the asymmetric toe area. In this way it protects them from blisters, chafing and wounds.- ToeTip Protector:ToeTip Protector cushions and protects the especially sensitive tips of the toes.- Shin Protector: Acts as a shock absorber and reduces the incidence of pressure points and the risk of sustaining scrapes and bruises.- Heel Protector:The heel area is particularly prone to blisters: the Heel Protector absorbs friction and thus effectively decreases the risk of bliste- ring.- ISO-Blocker: The ISO-Blocker prevents from cold draughts and reduces the incidence of pressure points. Plus it ventilates and dries the area.




Grey, Pink




EU 37-38




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