YES Men’s Pick Your Line 2018 / 2019 Snowboard

£ 446.25

DCP’s BIG MOUNTAIN CHARGER When you’re riding the most challenging terrain, it’s vital that you have absolute confidence in your equipment. That’s why, as one of the best big mountain riders in the world, DCP has some very specific demands as to what he rides. As one of the owners of YES, what DCP wants in a board DCP gets in aboard. So, take just one run on DCP’s Pick Your Line, and you’ll soon see that what David demanded has created a very special snowboard indeed. Aimed at the more freeridefocussed rider, the Pick Your Line utilises some of the most advanced technology ever seen in snowboarding. This creates a stunning board that delivers a level of performance that is off the scale. Built around a state of the art directional shape and featuring YES’s exclusive Tapered Underbite Sidecut, the Pick Your Line moves the goalposts in performance snowboard design and construction. Rider StyleExperienced through to expert riders who are looking for a high performance freeride board that can take on even the most extreme terrain. Shape OverviewThe Pick Your Line utilises a state of the art fully directional tapered shape. This gives plenty of lift and float at the nose, while the shorter powerful tail delivers plenty of power and drive out the turn. However, it’s the unique Tapered UnderBite edge profile that sets this board apart. This unique technology divides the effective edge into three distinct parts. Beginning at the nose, the sidecut is around an8 metres radius, this then reduces with 2mm steps to 7 metres at the front binding and then again to 6 metres at the rear binding. Tapered UnderBite offsets the inherent flaws of tapered sidecuts where the arc of the sidecut is reduced as the board gets narrower along its length. Increasing the sidecut depth as you move towards the tail, Tapered Underbite creates a corrective “hook” to the taper. This delivers the directional drive and float you’d expect from a tapered board, but holds an edge and rockets out of turns like nothing else. ProfileThe PYL utilises a freeride specific version of YES’s versatile CamRock profile. This features a longer yet lower-profile rocker in the nose which gives excellent lift without compromising swing weight at the front of the board. This then blends into a powerful set-back camber which working in harmony with the short tail and short rocker, powers up the back of the board and drives it through the turn. ConstructionInternally the PYL is a tour de force of high-end construction and heading this up is YES’s Weightless core. Thesis the lightest core in the range and strikes a critical balance between weight and strength. Using a lower density species of Poplar in areas that are not as structural and Paulownia in the areas that are, YES can shave precious weight off the board. This helps to not only improve float but also to make the board “feel” floaty. Now to ensure that the PYL has all the power that it could ever need, YES utilise structural layers formed from torsionally stiff tri-ax glass. This ensures that no matter how hard or how aggressive you ride the PYL it will handle it with ease. Finally, the Ash veneer top sheet helps smooth out the PYL’s ride thanks to its natural dampening properties. BaseNow as you would expect for such a performance orientated board, the Pick Your Line utilises a high quality a True Sintered material. True Sintered is harder and more expensive than extruded, and it can be faster for those that ride aggressively fast.Additional information Length Waist Width Sidecut Taper Effective Edge Tip Width Tail Width Min Stance Max Stance Setback Weight Range 156 25cm 7.6/6.7/5.8m 5.5mm 116cm 29.99cm 29.44cm 48.6cm 60.6cm 1cm 120-170lbs / 54-77kg 159 25.3cm 7.8/6.9/6m 5.6mm 118cm 30.32cm 29.76cm 51.2cm 63.2cm 1cm 140-190lbs / 64-86kg 160w 26cm 7.8/6.9/6m 5.5mm 119cm 31.1cm 30.55cm 52.4cm 64.4cm 1cm 140-190lbs / 64-86kg 162 25.5cm 7.95/7.05/6.15m 5.6mm 120.5cm 30.63cm 30.07cm 53.7cm 65.7cm 1cm 160-210lbs / 73-95kg 165 25.8cm 8.1/7.2/6.3 5.6mm 123cm 31.03cm 30.47cm 53.7cm 65.7cm 1cm 170-220lbs+ / 77-100kg+








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