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Mens slides are the go-to chill vibes piece of footwear you need. I guess we all have to admit it… Us lads have have long wanted to wear slides, but they were never accepted. Until now. You see all the cool kids rocking around in slides these days with high sports socks, usually Stance, Adidas or Santa Cruz. And it’s not just the cool kids that can wear them now… It seems us normal folk are allowed to wear them now.

Let’s be honest, sliders are super comfy aren’t they! In our opinion, the best mens slides are the more minimal styles. You can’t go wrong with the classic Adidas slides, right?! But now many surf brands such as Rusty, Reef, Billabong and more are releasing some pretty fresh sets of slides. Whether you’re a fan of representing your favourite brand on your feet, love a patterned style or want to go plain and simple, Sameway Co provides an epic selection of mens slides from your favourite lifestyle retailers and brands.