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Snowboards this length (159cm-167cm) are all mountain or powder (pow) snowboards or for the larger rider. The best all-mountain and pow sticks are usually Lib Tech, Jones, Never Summer, Nitro, Burton, Ride, Arbor, Bataleon or Salomon. In order to ride powder you should be intermediate to advanced on the piste. If you’re a regular pow hound and are rolling deep then you will want something longer, especially if the board has a more conventional shape ie a directional freeride board. However, if you are looking at a directional twin you would want to go 2-3cm shorter than a traditional length. If you plan on buying something specifically for powder with a stubbed tail like a swallow tail or camel toe (alternative freeride) then you can sometimes go as low as 4-6cm shorter than normal. If you are a taller rider you are likely packing some big feet too. If this is the case it’s worth going for boards labelled W or Wide. This ensures your heels or toes don’t overhang which can cause you to catch the snow… the consequences aren’t fun! We have boots in all sizes which you can check out here. Shopping with Sameway ensures you find the best price around. No snowboard is complete without bindings. If you’re still not sure then check out our Snowboard Buying Guide & Size Chart for more information on the huge range of different sizes and technologies available.