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There’s an epic selection of surfboards for all abilities – beginner, intermediate and advanced surfers. If you are in search of your first surfboard or adding to your quiver we have brought together the best online stores to provide you with the widest variety of surfboards from the world’s best shapers. Beginners – you will want to be searching for a softboard, mini-mal or fish surfboard as your first surfboard will require a lot of volume to help you paddle in to waves and provide more stability due to their width and length. For intermediate surfers there is a great range of boards to choose from, whether it’s a step down to your first performance shortboard or going up to a longboard. Advanced surfers – check out the latest shortboards and longboards from your favourite retailers, all in one place. Bringing together the top brands and stores makes it easier for you to find the best surfboard for sale UK for your next surf trip to Cornwall or Devon. There is also a great range of high spec and inflatable stand up paddleboards and kits, catering for those who want to cruise on a lake or take it to the waves. Need advice? We’d love to hear from you! Get in touch via our Contact Us page. We are all surfers that love to waffle on about surfing to make sure you’re choosing the right surfboard for you! Otherwise check out our Surboard Buying Guide here.