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3mm Wetsuits For All Surfers, From Beginners to Experts

3mm wetsuits, otherwise known as a steamer wetsuit, are the most popular go-to wetsuits for keeping you warm while surfing or swimming in the UK. A 3/2mm wetsuit will get you though most months of the year in South England, but most will say they are a Summer Wetsuit. Here on Sameway you can check out all the ranges of wetsuits from your favourite UK surf shops, in one place. Our partnered surf shops include Wetsuit Outlet, The Wetsuit Centre, Blue Tomato, Surfdome and more. Therefore, the world’s your oyster to choose the latest wetsuit sale, cheap wetsuits uk or the best wetsuits for England. Filter by gender for womens wetsuits, mens wetsuit, childrens wetsuits or boys and girls wetsuits. You can also shop the best global wetsuit brands, including UK brand Gul Wetsuits and global brands ONeill wetsuits, Xcel Wetsuits, Billabong Wetsuits and Quiksilver Wetsuits. Size is important when buying a wetsuit and each brand will differ, so make sure you check each store’s size guide before purchasing. Want some more information on wetsuits? Check out our Wetsuit Buying Guide or get in touch via our Contact Us page.