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4mm wetsuits are a favoured thickness of wetsuit for surfers around the UK who are keen enough to go surfing in the colder months. Some surfers will use a 4/3mm wetsuit throughout winter, depending on the quality of wetsuit you go for. Founder of Sameway Keaton sticks to a Quiksilver Syncro 4/3mm GBS wetsuit throughout winter down in Cornwall – this is a mid range wetsuit too. You can choose between cheap wetsuits uk, but you are probably better off paying for a wetsuit that will last, be super flexible and keep you in the water for as long as possible. Choose from UK wetsuit brand Gul Wetsuits or global surf brands ONeill wetsuits, Billabong wetsuits, Rip Curl wetsuits and more. Most 4/3 wetsuits these days will be front zip or zipperless, but there are cheaper wetsuit options and are back zip wetsuits. Need help in choosing? Don’t hesitate to get in touch here, we’d love to help! Otherwise check out our Wetsuit Buying Guide.