Lib Tech Men’s Skate Banana 2018 / 2019 Snowboard

£ 307.99

THE REVOLUTIONARY SNOWBOARD THAT CHANGED THE WORLD The Skate Banana’s revolutionary design delivers a unique riding experience that appeals equally to newcomers to the sport and more experienced riders alike. Built around a versatile twin tip shape, it’s the innovative Original Banana profile that transforms how this board rides. This evolution of the traditional rocker profile delivers effortless turns, pain-free powder runs and hook-free jibs. However, thanks to the high-end construction, not only is the Skate Banana super easy to ride but for those riders that want to push it, it’s still got bags of performance that you can take advantage of. Rider Style Beginners all the way through to experienced riders who are looking for a versatile board that’s super easy to ride, but can still put it down when you want to push it. Shape OverviewThe Skate Banana utilises a tried and trusted true twin shape. Although its roots come from freestyle, Lib-Tech has re-engineered it to deliver a more versatile ride across the whole mountain. By manipulating both the nose and tail profile, they’ve managed to dial in more float in the pow and more response in and out of the turn. That turning performance is then further enhanced with the addition of the Magne Traction sidecut. This innovative sidecut features seven strategically located edge serrations along the length. These add extra traction points to the edges ensuring that you get unrivalled edge hold and control. ProfileThe Original Banana profile is designed to deliver a genuinely versatile ride, but more importantly, it gives a truly effortless ride. It’s this unique performance that allows the Skate Banana to appeal to such a broad spectrum of abilities. Featuring mild rocker between the feet with mild camber to the tip and tail, Banana is the easiest camber profile to progress your riding. Whether you’re on day 1 or trying to lock down new tricks this versatile profile lets you do it all. InternalsInternally the Skate Banana utilises Lib-Techs OP construction, headed up by the OP wood core. This combines poplar and lightweight paulownia with birch stringers parallel to the sidecut to deliver the perfect balance of pop and power with a more freestyle friendly overall feel. To this Lib Tech then add structural layers formed from a combination of tri-ax and bi-ax glass. This allows the board’s designers to dial in the perfect balance of freestyle flex through the length with a more responsive torsional flex for when you need increased control and response. BaseTo ensure that the skate Banana delivers excellent performance in all conditions Lib-Tech fit it with their high quality sintered base.Additional information Length WaistWidth Sidecut Taper EffectiveEdge TipWidth TailWidth MinStance MaxStance Setback WeightRange 154 25.3cm 8.2m 0cm 115cm 29cm 29cm 51cm 63.5cm 0cm 120-170lbs/ 54-77kg 156 25.5cm 8.3m 0cm 117cm 29.5cm 29.5cm 51cm 63.5cm 0cm 130-200lbs/ 59-82kg 159 25.5cm 8.4m 0cm 120cm 29.7cm 29.7cm 51cm 63.5cm 0cm 130-200lbs/ 59-82kg








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