Stage 1 Armanto Show Print 8 Complete Skateboard – Blue

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Beginner skateboard from Birdhouse with Lizzie Armanto graphic.






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Looking for your first skateboard set up? Buying a skateboard complete is definitely the cheapest way to get rolling. And you should see the brands we have on offer! We have handpicked the best products that are stocked from your favourite retailers. So shop our favourite brands such as Welcome Skateboards, Element, Santa Cruz and even Tony Hawk's brand Birdhouse. Unsure what size to purchase? Get in touch we'd love to help! Otherwise check out our Skateboard Buying Guide.

You're ready to roll with a complete skateboard set up. We have a huge range of completes from the best UK skate shops online, from trick boards to cruisers and longboards. If you're after something for cruising, have a look at either a cruiser or longboard. Cruisers are generally shorter and stiffer than a longboard, which (as it says in the name) are longer but also have some flex in the board for an even smoother ride. Our favourites are Globe and Z-Flex cruisers or Arbor longboards. The young'ens are mostly picking up a Penny skateboard as their first board to get around with. For complete skateboard trick decks, there is a great range of brands including Flip, Plan B and Santa Cruz, as well as some unique shapes from Welcome Skateboards.